Where to buy PJs on sale before Christmas

Planning Christmas ahead is a smart choice! Brands usually have exclusive offers in preparation to the craziness of November-December, so watch out for any great discounts in-store or online around October.


Papinelle New Zealand has currently a 30% off discount on their Botanical Collection that includes brand new beautiful Spring/Summer 2019 pieces. Don’t miss out! The offer ends next week!
It is also good to know that Papinelle New Zealand has a women’s sale category on their website that is always updated with new products, so visit Papinelle.co.nz now for more info.
Pyjamas are always great gifts for all the women’s! If you are looking for something more girly, for instance a teenager; Papinelle New Zealand has some cute little XS boxer shorts with singlets that will look cool on any girls.


Where to buy PJs in Sydney?

Beautiful pyjamas are difficult to find anywhere because sleepwear is still a niche market in fashion.

We believe, as sleepwear queens, that people should care more about their sleeping habits and then will eventually end up spending more money to include new sleepwear pieces in their wardrobe.
Owning a nice silk pyjama set or a gorgeously shaped slip nightie should become essential for all women, as they will start feeling great about themselves, even at night.
Ladies, it is time to throw away your childish, old but comfy pyjamas! You can now buy beautiful and naturally made, comfy sleepwear items from Papinelle Australia.
Papinelle Australia is available in David Jones across the country but also in Paddington and Chatswood in the city.
It is time to spoil yourself and discover the universe of sleepwear! We promise you will find wonders at Papinelle and will become soon sleepwear addicts.

The benefits of silk

As a sleepwear brand, Papinelle New Zealand cares about your comfort and wellness.
By choice, most of Papinelle’s products are made with natural fabrics and silk is one of them. Silk is a popular fibre for its premium feel and luxe look but did you know that the actual material will benefit your skin. Basically, silk is a skin care essential. It is a natural hypoallergenic fabric that could improve and reduce your allergies for instance. Buy a Papinelle’s pillow case and do the test!



Silk is apparently also good for your hair and will keep them smooth and shiny.
Breathable, silk will also keep your warm as it’s a natural heat regulator, the heat will be retained during cold days and vice-versa.
Silk is indeed expensive but what an investment! With care your silk pyjamas will last you for a very very long time.
Come and visit our Newmarket store to chat about our new silk collection or shop online at Papinelle.co.nz.

Feel pretty this Spring with new floral PJs

Spring is a lovely season, the weather is getting better and hotter…what a perfect time to refresh your sleep wardrobe with beautiful new pieces.
Papinelle Australia new range of floral pyjama sets has arrived in-store and online.
This Spring & Summer collection is made for the Papinelle lovers who love sleeping in soft and feminine sleepwear pieces.
The range is wide this season and Papinelle offers brand new women’s pyjamas for all body shapes, materials and sizes.
Pick between a pretty light blue cherry blossom print, cute for Spring and lovely to wear thanks to its soft blend of silk and cotton. If you are not a blue kind of girl, Yolly Floral Pink is made for you! Yolly Floral is a timeless Papinelle’s print and one of Papinelle’s bestseller. It is now available in a light pink colour.

Yolly Floral
You all need to feel beautiful and comfortable in your PJs, so the range of soft modal and natural viscose will be perfect for those colder days as it’s fabric is breathable but slightly hotter than silk and cotton. Pixie Moss for instance has a lovely green floral print and the softness of its fabric is to die for. The pyjama set also comes in a ¾ length, great for petite.
Papinelle Australia is known for its floral prints and was inspired to design more beautiful prints this season for the pleasure of all sleepwear addicts.

Wellness at Papinelle New Zealand

Papinelle New Zealand is dedicated to enhance women’ well-being on a daily basis.
The Auckland based brand offers a range of ladies sleepwear from pyjamas to robes that are made from natural fabrics. Recently, Papinelle New Zealand expanded its selection of products from sleepwear to healthy and naturally sourced supplements.
Papinelle New Zealand now supplies The Beauty Chef range of bio-fermented and prebiotic powders in-store and online. You can also shop a selection of healthy supplements from Tonik, that will improve your skin radiance and health gut.


Shop in-store or online and get yourself the perfect ladies pyjama set and add wellness to your routine with great healthy and natural products.
Amazing partnerships are happening soon at Papinelle New Zealand, so stay tuned!

Papinelle Wellness Initiative

As a sleepwear and lifestyle brand, Papinelle Australia always tries to focus on improving women’ well-being.


Papinelle Australia designs a range of women sleepwear made from beautiful natural fibres. Papinelle pyjamas will complement your lifestyle and won’t warm your skin.
Papinelle Sleepwear loves to collaborate with natural and organic brands from Australia and is always looking for brands with similar business philosophy.

This year, Papinelle Australia partnered with Tonik, who offers the perfect gel capsules, 100% natural and made from really good ingredients that will enhance your skin radiance and body health.

Nourish your body from the inside out with Tonik products now available at Papinelle Paddington and online at Papinelle.com.

Papinelle Australia is happy to announce exciting new collaborations coming very soon, so stay tuned!

New Spring women’s sleepwear

Papinelle Australia is pleased to announce the launch of its new women’s sleepwear range; now available in-store across Australia. A beautiful brand new Spring/Summer collection featuring pyjamas, robes, nighties, etc. All women’s sleepwear will soon be available to shop online with free shipping on orders over $100. Buy amazing sleepwear pieces from cotton & silk ladies pyjamas, to pure cotton maxi strappy nightie, to 100% silk robe.


Papinelle Australia designed this season some feminine new prints. Introducing Cherry Blossom Blue range, made from a blend of cotton and silk, perfect for Spring/Summer.
Yolly Pink is also brand new and is coming as a ladies pyjamas, a mid-length robe, a cute little camisole and boxer set and a sexy lace nightie.
Belle Flower collection is more elegant than ever with its pyjama set, pyjama pants, boxer short, strappy nightie and maxi nightie and robe.

The new Spring collection comes with a lot of different sleepwear options from x-small to x-large. Shop now in-store and be the first to experience Papinelle Australia Spring range.