Papinelle High Summer Sleepwear is a hit at Nordstrom!

Australian sleep and loungewear brand Papinelle continues to expand in the US launching its new Summer Sleepwear collection in the department store Nordstrom from May 2018.


Early signs show the Summer collection being a sell-out. The range was originally slated for delivery to 25 stores but strong sales saw this quickly increase to 75 doors. The collection includes pure silk pyjamas, signature printed cotton silk nighties and robes, pure cotton pyjamas and accessories including silk eye masks. Also featuring will be our new organic cotton collection and our classics collection of modal loungewear.

Following the success of the brand in David Jones, the Australian designed range was snapped up by Nordstrom buyers due to the luxurious fabrics, classic designs and feminine appeal back in December 2017.

Papinelle has gone from strength to strength in the USA over the last 6 months with online sales in the region increasing by 90%. In addition, Papinelle’s own boutiques continue to grow including the addition of a sleepwear boutique in Auckland New Zealand. Papinelle is fast becoming the number one destination for women wanting beautiful women’s pyjamas.

Papinelle will launch its full Summer range into Nordstrom throughout the months of May to August 2018 and will be available to buy online and through 75 locations across the US.

For more information on Papinelle’s range of sleepwear, loungewear and accessories, visit



Papinelle Healthy Sleep Guide

We are spending a third of our life sleeping so it might time to care and not underestimate the power of healthy sleep.

Do you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies when you wake up..? You might want to consider switching to hypoallergenic sleepwear and bedding. Hypoallergenic describes an item that causes fewer allergy reactions so if you are indeed experiencing sleepless nights and want to find relief, this guide is meant for you !


You should feel comfortable while sleeping and it is our mission to offer you great options that will make you feel good. As a sleepwear brand, Papinelle cares about enhancing women’s nighttime Skin is the largest organ in your body and what you wear is absorbed by your skin so you should pay attention. Don’t underrate your sleepwear and bedding options and start opting for 100% natural fabrics that your body will soon love.

Let’s have now a quick look at fabrics that will improve your every day life and make you feel better!

The first great hypoallergenic option and most popular all over the world is cotton.This natural fibre made from cotton plant has been used for century and allows air to circulate to your skin, let’s also mention its softness and how easy the fabric is to wash. It’s breathable and durable and if you decide to pick a 100% natural blend or an organic cotton that doesn’t contain any synthetics you might also help the environment. If you are looking for something for Winter, opt for cotton flannel, a more insulation fabric choice. We also love Egyptian cotton that that the longest finer length and is as soft and comfy as it could be. Our top two Papinelle products made from cotton are the Waterblossom Pink 100% cotton PJ Set and the Waffle Robe made from Egyptian cotton, both warm and soft, perfect for this season.

The second conscious choice is one of women’s best friend ! Please let me introduce you to silk ! You don’t need any excuse to buy a nice pair of pyjamas to feel like a queen, silk actually provides great relief for people that suffer from skin conditions. Silk is obviously soft and good for warm and cold climate as it is an excellent insulator. Clean you silk regularly as the fabric absorb a lot like sweat for instance. Papinelle has just launched new silk items in a beautiful vintage pink colour, check it out on our website, available to pre-order.

The third and final option of our quick healthy sleep hypoallergenic guide is linen. A very luxurious blend, trendy at the moment, also known as natural finer derived from the flax plant. Linen is popular in hot climate for its cool and breathable option. It is also thicker than cotton and last for a long time (with care obviously). It is one of the most biodegradable and stylish fabric in the fashion industry. You will find a range of Papinelle short sleeve tees made from linen that come in different beautiful colours, perfect to wear in or out.

At the end pick what makes you the most comfortable !

Sweet dreams xxx

Quick sleepwear guide to perfect your body type

Have you ever wondered what type of sleepwear you should be wearing? What is best for your body shape? Women’s sleepwear doesn’t have too be shapeless and boring; dressing according to your body features isn’t an easy thing to do but here is a quick guide to help you look and feel beautiful at night.

First of all you need to understand your body type by measuring with a cloth tape your shoulder, bust, waist and hips as those determine your body silhouette. You will then know your assets and will have a better vision of what women’s sleepwear will sit beautifully on your body.

If your upper body is heavier than your lower body, opt for a v-neck lounge top that will create an elongated illusion of your torso. You can also pick any printed full length pyjamas as they will drive focus on your entire body.


If your body is well balanced and your hips are more defined, you can wear something tighter like a Papinelle body hugging maxi nightie for example. You don’t want to have clothes that are too loose or without shape as you want your beautiful features to be the centre of attention.

If your curves are present in the lower part of your body, opt for our long and straight brushed cotton nightshirt or pick a loose pima tee with a matching knit relax pants that will have a slimmer cut. Avoid any loose bottoms and skin fitting tops. If you have a rectangular body shape, your arms and legs are your assets. You can wear any of our cute flutter nighties that will enhance your upper body or any sleeveless tops.

If your body is very athletic and you have much broader shoulders than hips, go for any v-neck lines lounge top, add any print/patterns to the lower part of your body but keep the upper part of your body minimalistic.

If you are petite and cannot wear any of our full PJ Sets, choose a 3/4 length pyjama or any of our super cute Papinelle camisole and boxer sets as they will look great on you !

Papinelle sleepwear has a variety of wonderful pyjamas, nighties, pants, loungewear that are not meant to fit one type of women. You are truly beautiful in your own special way so be proud of your body !

Sweet dreams xx Papinelle

Let’s celebrate mums in style !

Mother’s Day is on the 13th of May. Are you still looking for the perfect gift ? 

As a brand run by women for women, mothers day to us, well it’s pretty damn important. And to be honest, we think we have got it covered. We know each and every mum is unique so the way we say thanks this Mother’s Day should be too.Treat your mum with beautiful sleepwear as she deserves to feel and look great at all time. 

Spoil her with elegance and pick one of our beautiful Papinelle nighties. Perfect gift for any women, buy her a luxurious long silk robe if you want to indulge her like a queen! She deserves to feel pretty at night time. Our nighties are available in different sizes, length and prints, easy to throw on and to match with any robes for a total look. We love those women so much that Papinelle will have a special offer daily in store and online until the 10th of May to celebrate mums and help you get the best gift ever.

Smart high tech Pyjamas

Sleeping helps your body recover but what if your pyjamas had an effect on your sleep.
Tom Brady, a famous Super Bowl quarterback athlete was once inspired by his focus on sleep to create a very unique kind of sleepwear.

We all know how important sleep is for our mind and body so imagine a sleepwear fabric that rejuvenate your body while you are taking a nap.

The technology behind it is named “bio-ceramic imprinted fabric” and it relieves your body pressure by absorbing the natural heat of your body. This high tech print combined with the warmth of your body, produces radiation that should reduce inflammations. Those radiations have real therapeutic benefits and Papinelle loves this idea that pyjamas could improve sleep, so who knows we might create a range of high tech pyjamas online, like super power sleepwear products that will cure insomnia or at least help us get a good and long night sleep! For the moment we’ll stick to beautifully soft and natural fabrics pyjamas but we know that the sleepwear future is promising!


Papinelle Mother’s day gifting ideas guide

Here we go again…it was time for our annual Mother’s day Click Frenzy. An exclusive 40% off storewide offer online and in stores for 24 hours only.

We love and care about our customers satisfaction that we went the extra mile this year. We’ve spoiled them with luxurious sleepwear treats at great prices to help them find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Our full range of women’s pyjamas were discounted on the 18th of April, and believe us when I am saying: ’’we hardly had time for a lunch break ‘’, as online orders kept coming during the day. It is an intense process at work but we feel so grateful to have such amazing clients.


Remember that if you lack of imagination around the Mother’s Day, Papinelle provides the solution with women’s nightwear for everyone at cheap prices so you can buy more than one gift for your love ones.

This is our message for all the mothers in the world, you deserve special sleepwear to feel beautiful everyday and anytime. You are true stars to us and to everyone !

Sleep in style with sleep shorts!

Shop beautiful women’s sleep boxer shorts at Papinelle Sleepwear! Designed in Australia to enhance your downtime. Our quality boxer shorts are available in soft silk and comfy cotton for the perfect night. We have plenty of patterns, colours and styles to choose from in stores and online. There is something for all tastes at Papinelle with a large collection of fashionable boxer shorts for women of all ages.


It’s time to update your drawers and shop through our range of sleepwear! A boxer short is the ultimate must-have, easy to throw, a great match to any top and an affordable and cute little gift to give or receive.

Sweet dreams xxx