Wedding Season



On the most special day of her life, a bride needs to be pampered, spoilt, and made to feel like the most spectacular version of herself.

Every girl dreams about getting ready for her big day with the most important women in her life, in matching luxurious robes and with champagne in hand.


We love the thought that our beautiful Silk Romance Robes have had a part in making so many gorgeous brides’ dreams come true. These robes were designed to enhance a woman’s appreciation of herself, and make her feel that much more brilliant.



The Silk Romance Robe really lives up to its name; the calming shade of pink portrays the ultimate vision of soft and pure romance. It is majestic, playful, and glamorous. Perfect for the most romantic of days!



The sweet ¾ hemline gives an extra element of luxury with its soft laced trim. All elements make for a beautiful balance between elegance and sexiness.


If you’re after something a little bolder, our Pure Silk Robe also comes in a beautifully striking Dark Slate. We have found this to be a really special gift for before and after the glorious occasion.



Of course, one can wear this at any time. We like to think of it as a lovely throw on around the house. Why not treat yourself to a little silky luxury?


Visit one of our four stores in Paddington, Chatswood, Leura or our Canberra Pop-Up to get your manicured hands on this beautiful robe.


Merry Christmas and, as always, sweet dreams xx






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