When the cold starts, we hibernate.

With the official start of winter, we have started organising our weekend outfits. Our aesthetic; loose cut, button ups, strong tailoring. Our inspiration; anything that we can sleep and laze in while making our super dashing friend, Carrie Bradshaw, proud.


When the cold kicks in, as does the hibernation. Enjoying a good sleep in becomes a given, watching unlimited flicks becomes a must, leaving the house at midday (if that) becomes a constant.

Our hibernation doesn’t look like that of a caveman. Rather it oozes style and flair. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s chic. Think Olivia Palermo at an Elle magazine shoot stylish.

If we’re honest, our hibernation outfit looks a little nicer than our usual weekend attire, which more often than not consists of exercise gear (there are no exercise activities achieved… unless easting counts?).

You don’t get much chicer than silks on a casual Sunday. Imagine waking up on a cold weekend morning snuggled in your classic silk ensemble featuring perfectly tailored loose cut pyjamas, and a smooth sleep eye mask. I mean, where do I sign up for such perfection?

Pretty florals are also proving to be a necessity during overwintering periods for one good reason; they remind us of natures beauty. Florals bring us closer to what we experienced during Summer weekends. Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t complaining… we love these florals just the same. Imagine waking up to perfectly designed florals printed on the most elegant women’s pyjamas. Throw on a printed pyjama robe and you’re on your way to floral perfection.

Ladies, enjoy the hibernation!!

Shop your dapper weekend wardrobe online and in-store.

Sweet dreams lovelies. xxx











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