From sleep to the street.




Fashion is having a pyjama party and you’re invited!

With a modern twist on classic sleep ensembles, the fashion world is welcoming the blurring of a once stark line between loungewear and outerwear. It is easy to see the inspiration behind this trend with designers creating sleep, and sleep inspired ensembles with attentive focus on structure, tailoring, and elegant sartorial choices that manage to incorporate ease and comfort.



Nowadays Chic, well-tailored sleepwear looks anything but lazy. It’s almost a shame to keep such beautifully enthused garments hidden behind closed doors. In saying that, the wearing of classically defined pyjamas, and pyjama separates as chic and well put together outer wear has become more of a given than not.


(Found on Pinterest)

In more recent years, fashion has taken a turn into a lane which celebrates comfort and ease over pretty much anything else. This is an unexpected move from “beauty is pain” as the number on slogan of almost all trend setters and magazines.

Vogue, the leader of almost all fashion worshipers, is encouraging and celebrating this newly formed trend. “Boudoir- inspired separates (and their couch potato counterparts) are seemingly everywhere, from front rows to after-parties, elevated by statement shoes and the local scene’s exceptional modernist jewellery.”

sleep out-05

(Found on Pinterest)

Many designers have either wholeheartedly taken on this refreshing trend, or have incorporated touches of it within their collections. We’re talking silk top and bottom sets, loose cut Pyjama inspired shirts, and more.

sleep out-07

(Via Michael Nielson)

This trend comes un-coincidentally along a similar timeline to that of the hugely celebrated sneaker movement, which was brought upon as a means to liberate women. While this is not the sole reason for the revelling in and encouragement of the sneaker trend, it is one of the more important and interesting inspirations to explore. Women, more than ever before, are encouraged to allow comfort and ease in the wardrobe and beyond.



We are truly very excited about this new trend, not only because we have a season filled with garments that further encourage this sentiment, but because we truly believe it’s women’s time to be comfortable.

Come visit us in anyone of out beautiful stores for some real time inspiration, or visit our online store.

Sweet dreams lovelies. xx


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