A floral dream.

This season we’re exploring a true floral fantasy. With a subtle homage to this season’s flowery trend, we have pieces that will speak to your softer, feminine side.

What we’re loving right now; Elodie blue. Elodie boasts a dreamy blue colour foundation with bright blooms. This print has something for every girl; delicate and feminine nightie, super comfy women’s PJ set, super relaxed yet flattering harem pants, easy-to-wear nightshirt, and super cute boxer shorts.


Elodie blue really encourages a little feminine playfulness. This print is designed on our chic and comfy viscose for extra ease and comfort. The loose sway of the viscose allows for an extra element of casual femininity.

The best part about Elodie blue? It’s now 25% off!!! This small season sale also includes the fabulous cosmos blue and pink, as well as the always loved breezy leaves.

We hope you love our floral fantasy as much as we do!

Sweet dreams lovelies!! xx


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