Slip into a little luxury.

UntitledIt’s time to treat yourself to the luxe life in our lustrous pure silk slip.

Allow your femininity to shine in this soft nightie, boasting brushed fabrication and sleek aesthetics.

Available in three soothing colours; ice pink, ice grey, and charcoal; this slip promotes the sweetest of dreams.

Allow yourself to be transformed into a life of luxury while casually lounging. Imagine yourself sipping on cold champagne, nibbling on the most delicious chocolate covered strawberries, and enjoying your bouncy freshly blow-dried hair (while you’re at it, you might want to throw in freshly painted nails, and a heavenly massage).

This is tasteful sophistication at it’s finest.

Make this your reality by visiting us at any one of our beautiful stores, or visit our online store. Be sure to ask to see our pure silk women’s PJs, silk robes, and frilled silk nighties.

Sweet dreams lovelies.


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