The science of yawning

It has been proven that yawning falls outside of conscious control, hence it is one of our most primitive functions. Yawning is one of the very first things we are capable of doing (beyond birth).

About 50% of people who witness someone else yawn will find themselves yawning almost straight away. Anything remotely related to yawning; seeing, hearing, reading about it can set you off.

It has been theorized that the reason behind this contagious behaviour is to ensure everyone in one space is on the same body clock timing, meaning they’ll all feel the need to sleep at the same time. This means more structure is created in the day.

Yawning can also help make everyone alert and rebooted. So, one could say those yawns around the office are actually beneficial to the efficiency of the day…

I think it’s safe to say that it’s more than ok to embrace those long rejuvenating yawns. Although they may help in rejuvenating us, sometimes it’s good to listen to our bodies and catch some zzzzzs. Sometimes all you need is a perfect pair of pyjamas, snuggly socks, and a good night’s sleep.

Come visit us at any of our beautiful Papinelle stores to pick up the perfect pjs to cure those long yawning patterns.


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