The tomboy staple you didn’t know you needed

The tomboy staple you didn’t know you wanted, but now have to have.


With comfort and ease over taking pretty much everything else in the fashion world, the “borrowed this from my boyfriend” look has never been so desirable.

The boyfriend shirt is proving to be an easy favourite for women. This sartorially pleasing take on a classic piece of menswear adds a little bit of power to a perfectly crafted ensemble, while the loose cut aesthetics give off a casual, nonchalant cool girl vibe. Suave.



The boyfriend shirt’s effortless, undone vibe makes it a timeless piece, one that will constantly grab the attention of the fashion forward community’s attention. This is the perfect mix of cool, comfy, and a little bit sexy. An “I just threw this on” power piece.


Wear informally around the house as a casual chic throw-on with your favourite slippers, pair with a perfectly matched boyfriend jean, or jazz it up with your favourite heals. Perfection.


Elle Japan

Here at Papinelle we’re loving this look to the point that we’ve designed our own version of this easy trans-seasonal piece. Designed as the perfect ladies’ pyjama, our super chilled basic stripe boyfriend shirt boasts an easy transition from ladies’ sleepwear to cool girl streetwear.

Invite this timeless and versatile piece into your wardrobe for the perfect and super easy summer look. Come visit us in any one of our Papinelle stores to shop this risky business look.

Sweet dreams lovelies xx



















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