Something for the kids

Take your little one on a journey that only dreams are made of. Treat them to whimsical adventures, enviable activities, and exciting viewings.

Our SS18 petite collection draws inspiration from some of the most sought after doings in a child’s mind, whether it be rummaging through the wild or dancing on a world stage.


Allow dreams to come true with a good night’s sleep and a perfect pair of PJs. They’ll be swooning over the soft fabrics as much as the perfectly fun prints.

Our girls’ collection boasts a mix of super luxe cotton silk blends, cottons, and natural viscoses. Our boys’ collection flaunts the softest cotton blends. Sounds pretty fab.

Get family photo ready in matching PJs. A variety of our feminine prints match perfectly to that of mum’s PJs this season. There’s the option of matching mum and her mini me in cherry blossom, Ellie, Rebecca Rose, and Cate. GORGEOUS. There’s even a chance to match mum and her little man. Some ideas; put mum in bouquet and her little man in a toucan boxer and singlet set. SUAVE.

This season has an assortment of great PJs, and PJ accessories. Have a bit of fun with kids and lady’s pyjamas this season.

Sweet dreams lovelies.



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