Pretty in pink

Every girl needs a little pink in her life (even if she won’t admit it).

I personally shied away from this colour until I recognised and invited its invigorating capabilities.

Against popular belief, pink is not the colour of weakness, but rather a representation of strength and understated empowerment. Pink is the colour of confidence, happiness, and contentment.


It’s been said many a time before that what we wear and how we wear it can truly transform how we feel about ourselves and our surroundings. This relates to our public and private presentation of ourselves. An example; what we wear to sleep challenges how we feel about ourselves the next day… if we feel our best in our PJs, we’ll most likely have our confidence boosted. Pretty cool.

If pink ignites all these positive innuendos, why not invite it into your wardrobe as much as possible?

This season we have incorporated a variety of pinks and pink hues into our lady’s pyjamas, focusing on empowering women while ensuring a feeling of self-assurance. We invite you to incorporate this colour in any way you feel comfortable; whether it be with a soft pair of socks, slippers, a PJ with a light incorporation of the colour, or a print that pays full homage to this powerful colour.

Invest in your sleepwear in a bid to invest in yourself. It’s worth it, trust us.

Sweet dreams lovelies! xx



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