Why Smart Women invest in Sleepwear.

A third of our lives are spent in bed. It’s where we sleep, read, spend time with our partners and yet we rarely stop to think about what to wear in bed. Some of us might try uncomfortable pyjamas, or sexy slips, but many of us opt for baggy tracksuit pants that probably aren’t even ours. We therefore spend over a third of our lives having not even dressed ourselves!


In our daywear we’re confronted with unlimited clothing options that give us the power to communicate who we are. We are willing to spend so much money on clothes for outerwear but shy away from investing in clothes for ourselves.  What could be more important than feeling your best when you are recharging at home or hanging out with those that you love most?

At Papinelle, we promote enhancing your downtime with comfortable, effortless sleepwear that is carefully designed so you can feel your best. Every pair of pyjamas and every nightie or robe is designed to both make you feel beautiful while keeping you comfortable.

We use only carefully selected fabrics, like Pima Cotton, Pure Silk, Modal, and sustainably sourced Viscose. Nothing is quite as luxurious, comfortable and stylish as a pair of our classic pure silk pyjamas. Similarly, slipping into one of our modal nighties after a day’s work will instantly transform you to a place of comfort and relaxation.

Sleep helps our immune systems, balances our appetites, regulates our hormones and a good night’s sleep directly affects our overall quality of life. When we sleep well, we wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle our days. At Papinelle it is our mission to make sleeping well a top priority and the first step is comfortable sleepwear.




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