You can wear your Pyjamas in public!

PJs dressing is a trend that we obviously love here at Papinelle! Why not wearing your comfiest and beautiful sleepwear during day time? We believe there are some good tips to follow for a perfect look!


First, feel confident and have fun with your look, remember to own your style. If you are trying to wear bold prints, mind the fabric, you don’t want to look like a cheap clown. If you’re thinking of wearing a full PJ set, add to your look a chic pair of heels, don’t choose your favourite German sandals for instance. Remember to look glam at all time!


Options are wide but wearing a pure silk PJ shirt is the “go to” piece, pair it with a jeans or a leather jacket and they will all envy your unique sense of fashion. Always try to go a bit oversized, a loose fit is more flattering and modern. You can also add some accessories to your sleepwear, diamonds are your best friends for a total “red carpet” look. Stay away from cotton and rather pick shinny sateen for example.

Play with proportions, keep your look polished and just enjoy leaving and sleeping in beautiful sleepwear.


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