Trans-seasonal sleepwear essentials

A trans-seasonal collection means a range of products that arrive in store and online in January and July; they are items created in between seasons.

When facing unpredictable weather, the main objective is to make sure that you have multiple ways of layering to feel hot and comfy while at home. Having a few layers of clothes on and under for an oversized bed time look is key.


As a sleepwear brand, Papinelle focuses on slightly warmer but breathable fabrics for this time of the year and designs full length PJ tops and bottoms. Because it’s never too cold in Australia, keep your all time favs Summer sleepwear and try to match them with new warmer bed time essentials. You can opt for a long sleeve pure cotton tee to match your PJ pants or pick a basic maxi robe to add on top of your cute lightweight camisole & boxer set. As we transit to a new season, you can play with textures and make bed time a soft and pleasant moment.

Papinelle offers now in stores and online, Waterblossom Blue made of 100% natural viscose, for a very soft and enjoyable feel.The Waterblossom print also exists in pink and is made of 100% brushed cotton for a warmer feeling. Linen is also a great mid-season fabric, you can never have too many linen t-shirts to choose from! We recommend wearing your pure silk PJ set around February as it’s slightly colder at night but you still want to look glamourous while going to bed.

The end of summer comes every year and it’s always a bit sad but you can have fun with trans- seasonal sleepwear, take down vibrant summer prints to more soft and light colour palettes for instance.


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