The best sleepwear fabrics to sleep in

One of the most important factor of a good night sleep is the quality of your sleepwear and what is it made out of.

Our coolest Papinelle pyjamas are made of cotton, this is a great fiber for hot weather. If you are looking for a breathable and sweat absorbent PJ Set, pure cotton is the perfect choice of fabric. For Summer, Papinelle had great silk and cotton blend, easy to throw on and very lightweight.


Linen is also an option but as a mid-season alternative. This fiber is valued for its exceptional freshness during hot Australian weather. No wonder why people go crazy for our range of Linen t-shirts.

Silk can be warmer compared to other natural fabrics, however its premium/luxurious value and price made it the perfect gift for all type of women. Our pure silk long slip nighties can easily seduce you and soon silk will become your favourite bed time essential. All Papinelle sleepwear ranges are always made of soft fabrics to ease your night in bed. You don’t want to feel itchy or deal with discomfort while sleeping, so choosing the right material for your skin is essential.

As we are now approaching winter, the collections include a lot more flannel, a soft woven fabric. Pure brushed cotton is also ideal and popular during this time of year when you need to prepare for colder days. Wrap yourselft in instant coziness with plush robes available this year in pink, grey or navy. Our pure cashmere v-neck jumpers are winter staples, perfect for lounging and casual attire.

Treated with care, all of those fabrics will last you a life-time, and as always : don’t forget to combine practicality with style!


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