New Arrivals online and in stores !

Papinelle Winter range has now landed in stores and online! And we are beyond excited to present a lovable new collection of warmer pyjamas, ideal for women of all ages.

Sydney has its hottest April days on record and it feels like an endless summer.  Nevertheless, it is time to be prepared for some coming chilly nights. Thanks to us, you won’t need a small heater this year as we have the perfect nightwear in stock!


You can shop women’s sleepwear online, on our beautiful new website, type flannel pyjamas for some soft and hot jammies results, that will comfort you at sundown. Cherry Blossom Navy is a great full length pyjama set with a button down oversized shirt and half drawstring/half elastic waist for support. The fabric is soft and hot so you are fully covered for winter. Our favoured piece this season is the Waterblossom Pink Pants, easy to throw on and flawless with a long sleeve white tee. If you are not a pink person, the Orchid range is subtle in colours and the long flattering nightshirt will become a must-have.

Ladies sleepwear isn’t banal at Papinelle, we are obsess with making your bedtime the best time and he hope you will find your dream nightwear in stores or online.

Sweat dreams xxx


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