Smart high tech Pyjamas

Sleeping helps your body recover but what if your pyjamas had an effect on your sleep.
Tom Brady, a famous Super Bowl quarterback athlete was once inspired by his focus on sleep to create a very unique kind of sleepwear.

We all know how important sleep is for our mind and body so imagine a sleepwear fabric that rejuvenate your body while you are taking a nap.

The technology behind it is named “bio-ceramic imprinted fabric” and it relieves your body pressure by absorbing the natural heat of your body. This high tech print combined with the warmth of your body, produces radiation that should reduce inflammations. Those radiations have real therapeutic benefits and Papinelle loves this idea that pyjamas could improve sleep, so who knows we might create a range of high tech pyjamas online, like super power sleepwear products that will cure insomnia or at least help us get a good and long night sleep! For the moment we’ll stick to beautifully soft and natural fabrics pyjamas but we know that the sleepwear future is promising!



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