Quick sleepwear guide to perfect your body type

Have you ever wondered what type of sleepwear you should be wearing? What is best for your body shape? Women’s sleepwear doesn’t have too be shapeless and boring; dressing according to your body features isn’t an easy thing to do but here is a quick guide to help you look and feel beautiful at night.

First of all you need to understand your body type by measuring with a cloth tape your shoulder, bust, waist and hips as those determine your body silhouette. You will then know your assets and will have a better vision of what women’s sleepwear will sit beautifully on your body.

If your upper body is heavier than your lower body, opt for a v-neck lounge top that will create an elongated illusion of your torso. You can also pick any printed full length pyjamas as they will drive focus on your entire body.


If your body is well balanced and your hips are more defined, you can wear something tighter like a Papinelle body hugging maxi nightie for example. You don’t want to have clothes that are too loose or without shape as you want your beautiful features to be the centre of attention.

If your curves are present in the lower part of your body, opt for our long and straight brushed cotton nightshirt or pick a loose pima tee with a matching knit relax pants that will have a slimmer cut. Avoid any loose bottoms and skin fitting tops. If you have a rectangular body shape, your arms and legs are your assets. You can wear any of our cute flutter nighties that will enhance your upper body or any sleeveless tops.

If your body is very athletic and you have much broader shoulders than hips, go for any v-neck lines lounge top, add any print/patterns to the lower part of your body but keep the upper part of your body minimalistic.

If you are petite and cannot wear any of our full PJ Sets, choose a 3/4 length pyjama or any of our super cute Papinelle camisole and boxer sets as they will look great on you !

Papinelle sleepwear has a variety of wonderful pyjamas, nighties, pants, loungewear that are not meant to fit one type of women. You are truly beautiful in your own special way so be proud of your body !

Sweet dreams xx Papinelle


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