Why Smart Women invest in Sleepwear.

A third of our lives are spent in bed. It’s where we sleep, read, spend time with our partners and yet we rarely stop to think about what to wear in bed. Some of us might try uncomfortable pyjamas, or sexy slips, but many of us opt for baggy tracksuit pants that probably aren’t even ours. We therefore spend over a third of our lives having not even dressed ourselves!


In our daywear we’re confronted with unlimited clothing options that give us the power to communicate who we are. We are willing to spend so much money on clothes for outerwear but shy away from investing in clothes for ourselves.  What could be more important than feeling your best when you are recharging at home or hanging out with those that you love most?

At Papinelle, we promote enhancing your downtime with comfortable, effortless sleepwear that is carefully designed so you can feel your best. Every pair of pyjamas and every nightie or robe is designed to both make you feel beautiful while keeping you comfortable.

We use only carefully selected fabrics, like Pima Cotton, Pure Silk, Modal, and sustainably sourced Viscose. Nothing is quite as luxurious, comfortable and stylish as a pair of our classic pure silk pyjamas. Similarly, slipping into one of our modal nighties after a day’s work will instantly transform you to a place of comfort and relaxation.

Sleep helps our immune systems, balances our appetites, regulates our hormones and a good night’s sleep directly affects our overall quality of life. When we sleep well, we wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle our days. At Papinelle it is our mission to make sleeping well a top priority and the first step is comfortable sleepwear.




Basically, we’ve got you covered….

Papinelle is excited to announce the arrival of an extension to our best-selling and highly sort after ‘basics’ collection of women’s sleepwear.

Following the success of our ‘Basics’ Catalogue launched in September this year, Papinelle has designed an extended range of around 30 styles that include PJ separates, boxers, nighties and robes.


Included, is our smooth and flowing modal lounge pants, snug modal lounge top, and modal velour robe. Available in black, grey marl and sophisticated navy marl; you’ll never want to leave the house again. These elegantly tailored women’s pyjamas now have the option of a loose fitting V-neck tee to tie back with the modal lounge pants.

Our Basic Stripe separate collection that includes a pure cotton PJ top, PJ Pant, Camisole, Boxer and Nightshirt will now come in 2 colour options with the addition of a women’s nightie.

Needing mention also is a new long knit nightie and maxi robe made from a soft cotton blend knit. We hope you LOVE this range as much as we do!

The Papinelle Sleepwear Basics Collection are individual sleepwear garments that have all the options for you to curate your perfect pyjamas.

To see the full extended Basics collection, visit our online store, or any one of our gorgeous Papinelle boutiques. Remember to request a catalogue to see the full offering!

Happy lounging ladies!!! x


Live the Luxe Life.

Live a life of luxury in silks. Sleepwear transformed into sleek outerwear-yes please!

Pyjamas, robes, nighties, all super chic ensembles ready to transform your wardrobe into that of a super chic fashionista.

These dream-like pieces are ready to be mixed and matched, or worn as full sets.

Ready to take your silk wardrobe to the next level? Our long silk robes are everything a superstar dreams of. Effortless, comfortable, a little sexy, and undeniably suave. There’s nothing stopping you wearing our long charcoal robe out on a Saturday night with a flattering and feminine pair of sandal heels. #briningsexyback.

Don’t be afraid to take some real fashion risks. They’re definitely worth it!!!

Stay cool.  xxx

It’s called “beauty sleep” for a reason.

“Beauty sleep” is one of the more literal terms. Widely known as a cutesy marketing plot, beauty sleep is very much a real thing, and is very much needed.

Research has proven that attaining the minimum eight hours of shut eye each night is beneficial in keeping us looking young and fresh in both the short and long term.


During hours of pure rest, the body, and more specifically, the skin, has a magnificent ability to repair itself. Ever noticed the more you sleep, the plumper your cheeks appear, the wider and bright your eyes look, and the smoother your skin feels? This is because the body has hydrated the skin and its surroundings, and has began to repair any damages big or small. Ensuring hydrated skin night after night is essential for long-term glows, and natural anti-aging. It’s important to note that the body doesn’t have the capabilities to do these things during the day as it has numerous other distractions and responsibilities that it’s attention becomes focused on.

So, how can we ensure that we get enough pure hours of beauty sleep? We have put together a few easy, yet highly effective tips.

  1. Ensure a regular bedtime.

Your body craves consistency and some form of regularity. Ensuring a somewhat regular bedtime each night will help you fall asleep with increased ease. It will also help you prep your pre-bed rituals, which are essential for ensuring a good night’s sleep. Pre-bed rituals can be as simple as listening to calming music. Music is often termed as medicine, helping with calming heart rate, and brain activity.

  1. Take a long hot bath

We almost all crave a warm and cosy bath. The relaxing sensation of a hot bath comes from its ability to aid you in reaching a temperature prefect for rest.

Increase a baths capacity to help you relax with calming bath salts, oils, and other herbal and natural enthused products. We have just released a brand new range of bathing products which aim to calm and relax.

  1. Reduce caffeine

Caffeine is widely known to effect natural sleep patterns. Caffeine wakes up many sensations, making us increasingly alert. Having anything caffeine infused is a big no-no before bed. Remember is takes up to 20 minutes for the effects of caffeine to kick in, so don’t be impatient when waiting for the effects to kick in during the day.

  1. Create your own personalized sanctuary.

Creating a personalized place of harmony and peacefulness is essential in minimizing stress levels, and increasing relaxation. What you choose to include or exclude in this space is completely up to you, but there are a few essentials to consider. Make sure to minimize light, noise, and any discomforts (this could be related to your bed, pillow, PJs, etc.)

  1. Ensure the right temperature.

Studies have shown that the body craves a specific temperature range to ensure ease. Your bedroom should be within the realm of 18-14 degrees each night. Furthermore, you need to make sure that you have the correct pyjama for the weather. Your material choice is absolutely essential in different seasons. For summer we encourage something light such as a cotton silk blend, and for winter something a little warmer such as brushed cotton. Be smart with how you regulate your temperature at night.

Be smart with your sleep patterns. Make sure you are listening to your body, and focusing on what it truly needs to ensure that natural glow.

Sweet dreams lovelies xx

Welcoming back the classics.

Due to popular demand, we welcome back the gorgeous cherry blossom navy range.

Each season cherry blossom proves to be a best seller, with customers flocking towards the floral print.


Cherry blossom navy interestingly boasts a balance between femininity and starkness. The balance between the soft and floaty floral print, and sheer and chic cotton silk blended fabrication with the strong presence of the navy colour hue makes for a beautifully contrasted vibe. This one is perfect for both the girly girl, and those who shy away from too much femininity.

Available in a ¾ lady’s pyjama set, boxer and singlet set, robe, and strappy nightie. Pair with this season’s sequin mule for the chicest finished pyjama look.

Note; cherry blossom is also available in a brand new colour-way; cherry blossom peach. Similar to cherry blossom pink, this colour- way is subtle, fresh, and feminine.

Both colour-ways are available in all Papinelle stores, David Jones stores, Papinelle online, and select boutiques around Australia and New Zealand.

Sweet dreams lovelies. xx

Chilled, comfy, and super cool.

Get on board with the casual cool-girl vibe in our super comfy basic classic knits. Designed to be worn either around the house, or as an easy throw-on for causal days out- the “I just threw this on” vibe has never been easier and chicer.

The neutral grey and charcoal colour-ways further encourage ease. If you’re keen to wear pieces from this range out the house, we’d advise pairing any of the items with a pair of cool sneakers or Birkenstocks. This only adds to the comfort and aesthetic of the vibe you’re creating.

Don’t be afraid to play with the matchy-matchy look by styling the classic knit tee with it’s matching classic knit pant. You’ll be surprised how good it looks!

We also really encourage you to wear these as classic lady’s pyjama basics. These are so unbelievably soft, ensuring an amazing night’s sleep. The pure cotton is like butter, allowing for easy movement. Get ready to melt into the zzzzz’s.

Also available in this range; classic knit nightie. This one comes in grey, charcoal, pink, blue grey stripe, and in our brand new Gemma spot print.


Shop this look online and in-store to ensure comfort and suaveness.

Sweet dreams lovelies. xx

Cool, comfy and a little sexy


We doubt you’ll say no to any of these. They’re basic(ally) all you’ll need to start off your super stylish summer wardrobe.

Bringing a foundation to your personal style, a great basic has the ability to inspire a well-thought-out and enthused wardrobe.

Classic, stylish, and savvy – This season’s basics range has you covered with timeless pieces that are sure to outsmart seasonal trends and fads.


Get the “woke up like this” look perfected in classic boudoir pieces that confidentially transform into casual chic outerwear.

The timeless tailoring, impeccable yet subtle design aesthetics, and refined colour hues in this range are all recipes for unapologetically welcoming the popular notion of sleep to chic.


This collection has the tomboy staple you didn’t know you wanted, but now have to have.

With comfort and ease at the forefront of today’s fashion world, the “borrowed this from my boyfriend” vibe has never been more desirable. The boyfriend shirt, a sartorially pleasing take on a classic men’s staple, adds a bit of power to a perfectly crafted ensemble. In addition, the effortless style’s undone look perfects a mix of cool, comfy, and a little sexy.


The lightly slouched, yet sleek basic pants and tees in this range exude natural confidence and unfazed casual style perfect for loungewear or casual daytime wear.


Our understatedly chic and fuss-free silk slips and boxer sets redefine the classics. Exude a nonchalant cool-girl vibe in sexy yet low-maintenance pure silk pieces that are destined to subtly turn heads.


Effortless, graceful, and well-tailored, a sleek silk PJ set puts your regular shirts and slacks to shame. Striving to look and feel natural and chic both at home and out of the house, a silk PJ set is destined to have you feeling both powerful and feminine. With little fuss, this set can have you looking well-groomed whilst maintaining the “rolled out of bed” look. Try our suave navy colour hue for a regal touch.


We have plenty more amazing styles available including our soon-to-drop brushed silk maxi robe- YAS!

All pieces in this range are encouraged to be worn informally around the house as chilled throw-ons matched with your favourite slippers, or fuss-free and confidentially out with your much-loved shoes and accessories. The boundary between lady’s sleepwear and outerwear has officially been broken.

Enjoy comfort and ease in and out the house.

Sweet dreams lovelies! xx