Keeping it casual chic.

Every girl needs the perfect sleek throw on. The casual chic, easy-going vibe is sometimes all she needs to feel her best.

Introducing the much anticipated Papinelle cami and boxer short set. This set is the epitome of understated minimalistic luxury. With a roomy, lightly flowy fit, she’ll feel comfortable and beautiful.


Made from 100% silk, this set comes in a soft ice pink, dove grey, and charcoal.

We don’t discourage a move from sleep to the street in this gorgeous ensemble. Throw on a pair of sneakers, or your favourite strappy heal for a perfect luxe ensemble. Have a bit of fun ladies!

If you’re up for something a little more traditional, look out for our soon to be released women’s slippers. We’ll have some beautiful greys and pinks coming your way.

Add to your silk collection with our gorgeous pure silk slips in elegant ice grey, ice pink, and charcoal. We’re also loving our women’s PJ sets in pure silk. Our favourite colour at the moment; brushed navy.

We’d love to hear about your favourites this season. Come visit us at any of our beautiful stores to share your thoughts.

Summer essentials

Start getting your summer sleep wardrobe ready with the chicest boxer shorts.

We can’t wait to say goodbye to winter that we’ve already whipped out some of our favourite SS18 boxers.



What’s in now? Swiss dot white, Sophie, and Elodie blue. Each boxer screams SUMMER!!!

Match these super cute sleep boxers with any of our cotton modal singlets (we’re loving light pink matched with Elodie blue, berry with Sophie, and blue green with Swiss dot white), linen tees (our pick for Elodie Blue is pink, Sophie is white, and Swiss dot white has to be grey), or basic pima tees (light pink is the one for Elodie blue and Sophie, and grey marle for Swiss white).

We invite you to be as playful with colours as you wish. Play around, and mix and match this season. Nothing is too out there!!

We hope you love these sweet and lively boxers almost as much as we do!!

Come visit us at any of our beautiful Papinelle stores, or visit our online store for some inspiration.

Sweet dreams lovelies!! xx

A floral dream.

This season we’re exploring a true floral fantasy. With a subtle homage to this season’s flowery trend, we have pieces that will speak to your softer, feminine side.

What we’re loving right now; Elodie blue. Elodie boasts a dreamy blue colour foundation with bright blooms. This print has something for every girl; delicate and feminine nightie, super comfy women’s PJ set, super relaxed yet flattering harem pants, easy-to-wear nightshirt, and super cute boxer shorts.


Elodie blue really encourages a little feminine playfulness. This print is designed on our chic and comfy viscose for extra ease and comfort. The loose sway of the viscose allows for an extra element of casual femininity.

The best part about Elodie blue? It’s now 25% off!!! This small season sale also includes the fabulous cosmos blue and pink, as well as the always loved breezy leaves.

We hope you love our floral fantasy as much as we do!

Sweet dreams lovelies!! xx

It’s time to bring out the florals and have a bit of fun!

SS18 is slowly dropping in-store and online, and is being met with a whole lot of excitement.

With a bursting line of soft and intricate vintage inspired florals and pastel colour hues, this collection promises an inspired and bright mood.

The collection manages to balance playfulness and chic in the subtlest way.

Bringing forward new shapes and designs, SS18 is a collection for every woman. Whether you’re more traditional in your aesthetic, or like something a little left field, we’ve got you sorted.


We encourage you to push yourself with your PJs and sleep accessories. If there ever were a collection to have a bit of fun, this is the one.

We can’t wait to show you the full collection of women’s PJs and sleep accessories.

Keep an eye out!

Sweet dreams lovelies! xx

A glimpse into our not so summery summer shoot.

Boy did we have a rude awakening on arrival to our much anticipated Byron Bay SS18 shoot. Everything was planned perfectly; we had a picture-perfect house, enviable model. What we definitely did not anticipate was the idea that shooting summer in winter would most likely present something a little like this:





Our poor model braved the cold, modelling barely there PJs in FREEZING conditions. After every shot we had a perfectly matching robe on hand. All praise the waffle robe!!!


The day turned comical with our team taking turns standing at the window monitoring any chance of a glimpse of sunshine. The few minutes we had with the sun were literally golden (pun intended). With soggy hair, wet clothes, and cold feet, we worked fast to get those summer shots!



Who said photoshoots are all glam?


An imperfect dream


A gorgeous collection set to transform any woman, a location to be envied, a beautiful model, amazing hair and makeup, talented stylist, and an always incredible team. This is what dreams are made of.

What could possibly go wrong? The day of our Byron Bay shoot arrives, together with heavy clouds filled with buckets of rain. The picture of summer.

Set in the most exquisite house any of us have ever laid eyes on, our team found ourselves in an ongoing competition with the weather, running in and out of the intricately designed house (mansion if you will) to shoot our big ticket “summer” shots. In the end we came out on top with some of our finest pictures. This was the epitome of perfect imperfect.


SS18 boasts fanciful soft florals, balanced with a stunningly subtle colour pallet. The collection was brought to life in our magical surroundings. We were spoilt with choice, with every room, nook and cranny encouraging a new scene to be set. Boy did we make it our mission to make those scenes a reality; rain, hail or shine.

This season sees a little subtler playfulness with an expansion of our silk range which has been met with ever growing popularity (look out for slip nighties, cami and boxer sets, and more.), as well as an expansion of our bath and beauty range (look out for products from sleep mists to bath teas).

We are also introducing new fabrics, all of which will no doubt transform your downtime. Keep a look out for beautiful textured cottons, soft toweling’s, waffle cottons, and more. What more could a girl ask for?!

SS18 is truly a collection for every woman; whether you like something a little more teasing such as our new silks, something more traditional such as our floral prints and classic fabrics, or something that fits perfectly in the middle.


The incredible Louise Van De Vorst, our exceptional model for the day, wore all our SS18 garments with ease, and a subtle playfulness whilst running through the rain and shivering through the cold winds. This shoot was destined to be nothing short of a dream, nothing was going to get in the way of that.

We can’t wait for you to see the collection and experience it’s true beauty.

Until then, keep a look out on our Instagram page for some teasers.

Sweet dreams lovelies. xx


From sleep to the street.




Fashion is having a pyjama party and you’re invited!

With a modern twist on classic sleep ensembles, the fashion world is welcoming the blurring of a once stark line between loungewear and outerwear. It is easy to see the inspiration behind this trend with designers creating sleep, and sleep inspired ensembles with attentive focus on structure, tailoring, and elegant sartorial choices that manage to incorporate ease and comfort.



Nowadays Chic, well-tailored sleepwear looks anything but lazy. It’s almost a shame to keep such beautifully enthused garments hidden behind closed doors. In saying that, the wearing of classically defined pyjamas, and pyjama separates as chic and well put together outer wear has become more of a given than not.


(Found on Pinterest)

In more recent years, fashion has taken a turn into a lane which celebrates comfort and ease over pretty much anything else. This is an unexpected move from “beauty is pain” as the number on slogan of almost all trend setters and magazines.

Vogue, the leader of almost all fashion worshipers, is encouraging and celebrating this newly formed trend. “Boudoir- inspired separates (and their couch potato counterparts) are seemingly everywhere, from front rows to after-parties, elevated by statement shoes and the local scene’s exceptional modernist jewellery.”

sleep out-05

(Found on Pinterest)

Many designers have either wholeheartedly taken on this refreshing trend, or have incorporated touches of it within their collections. We’re talking silk top and bottom sets, loose cut Pyjama inspired shirts, and more.

sleep out-07

(Via Michael Nielson)

This trend comes un-coincidentally along a similar timeline to that of the hugely celebrated sneaker movement, which was brought upon as a means to liberate women. While this is not the sole reason for the revelling in and encouragement of the sneaker trend, it is one of the more important and interesting inspirations to explore. Women, more than ever before, are encouraged to allow comfort and ease in the wardrobe and beyond.



We are truly very excited about this new trend, not only because we have a season filled with garments that further encourage this sentiment, but because we truly believe it’s women’s time to be comfortable.

Come visit us in anyone of out beautiful stores for some real time inspiration, or visit our online store.

Sweet dreams lovelies. xx