Fabulous ideas for grown-up slumber parties.

We’re constantly told to move on and grow-up. We’re told to leave our childhood hobbies aside and start “adulating”. We’re told to act mature, make wise decisions, and constantly be on our best behaviour. We’re also told that the fun we had as a kid isn’t exactly appropriate to be had as an adult. Yikes.

Why should we let ourselves be rid of all the privileges of being a kid? What about being carefree, spirited, loud, and excitable is so wrong as an adult? Remember the days when we lazed around with our girlfriends giggling about absolutely nothing, and running free through the house with crazed face-masks of avocado. Ahhh, the good old days!!!

In all honesty, how many of us actually “enjoy” hitting the town every Saturday night? How many of us actually have “fun” sitting at a hoity toity restaurant?  The best part of going out with your friends is, and always has been, the pre- activities or post- activities.

I say we put a stop to this absurdity, and start doing what’s actually fun. We all know where I’m going with this one… SLUMBER PARTY!!!

This sacred activity deserves to be done in style, and done correct. Below is a list of all things essential for a slumber party with your gals (whatever adult age, and at any stage of adulating you’re at).

  1. Food

Obviously an absolute essential is food and nibbles. First off, always have chocolate at your disposal. You’re also going to need chips, lollies, and all the other naughties. When it comes to dinner, I say make it a part of the night. Why not have some fun doing “adult” stuff and make a collective yummy dinner. We may as well use our acquired skills for something.

  1. Adult cordial

Have the goods on-hand. A great option for your slumber party is wine, also known as lady petrol. You just know you’re going have the giggles all night, spill your secrets, probably shed a tear, laugh again, dance, sing way too loud, and whip your hair back and forth one too many times. Sounds amazing.

  1. The perfect playlist

To ensure the right vibes are created for your flawless girl’s night in, make sure you have all the right tunes. I’d say a good mix is the way to go. Chuck in some ballads, pop, old school, Indi, R n B, and definitely keep the classics on-hand.

  1. Movies

Never underestimate a good movie binge. Have some ideas prepped to avoid time-wasting ahms and ahs. Some obvious choices would be the notebook, Notting hill, Love Actually.

  1. Pyjamas as an essential.

Basically no entry is allowed unless you are in your best lady’s pyjamas. This is a Saturday night after all. Whip out the luxury pyjama sets or chic nighties, sleep accessories including suave silk eye masks and sleek slippers. This is the time to whip out your Saturday night best. All sleep inspired items are welcome including super stylish cosmetic bags and over-night bags.

  1. Beauty essentials.

Ladies, it’s time to be pampered. It’s your choice if you want to go the bottled, professional route, or if you’re down for some real-time chemistry experiments. I say nerd-up. Easy options for the homemade remedies would be the essential avocado facial, homemade sugar and lemon scrub, olive oil cuticle and/or hair treatment (this one’s actually really amazing for your hair and its strength and growth).

Ladies, it’s time to have some real fun! This one is perfect for all ages, so there’s no excuse to have a good laugh.

Sweet dreams lovelies! xx



The print that just keeps giving.

Back by popular demand, our cherry blossom print is here for SS18 and is better than ever. This season we have gone the extra mile and are releasing two AMAZING colour ways for our women’s range; peach and navy. Divine! There is something for everyone.

We have also released a fuller range for our gorgeous petite girls in the hyper-feminine cherry blossom pink. This one is for all the super luxe girls out there. Boasting our famous gorgeous cotton silk material, she’ll be the envy of all her friends at sleepover parties.


The best thing about this range? You can match with your mini-me with ease and style. You’ll both be looking super fresh, chic, and vibrant. What more could you want?

For our lovely ladies we have ¾ lady’s pyjama sets, nighties, robes, and more. On a side note; the peach colour hues matches beautifully with our cream sequin slippers. For the little ladies, we have a boxer and singlet set, nightie, and robe. #shine.

Watch this space for the first drop of women’s cherry blossom of the season. Shop kids cherry blossom online and in-store now.

Sweet dreams lovelies! xx

Live in luxury.

It’s time to treat yourself a little. What better way than with gorgeous soft silks?

This season boasts an abundance of silk pieces including slips, eye masks, lady’s pyjama sets, cami and boxer lady’s pyjama sets, robes, and more. I mean, yes please!!!

Even better, the colour hues in the collection are just as soft and soothing as the silky smooth material.


If you’re feeling particularly impassioned, why not layer up in your favoured silk ensembles. We’re loving the super luxe pure silk cami and boxer set in charcoal paired with the slate pure silk robe. #gorg.

What’s your favourite silk ensemble?

Come visit us at any one of our beautiful stores to view the pure luxury in person!

Sweet dreams lovelies!!

It’s getting hot, hot, hot.

The summer heat is amongst us. With that comes restless and niggly nights, which often lead to moodiness and frustration.

In saying that, it’s important to take all measures in ensuring that we can have a good night’s sleep.


One of the simplest things to do; make sure that you are wearing the right fabric to sleep in. It’s no use wearing a t-shirt and shorts if the material doesn’t allow you to breath- you may as well be sleeping in your favorite winter PJs.

One of the easiest materials to wear in the heat is a luxe cotton silk blend. This material is super light and sheer, and boasts amazing breathability. We like a cute cami or boxer short in cotton silk during Summer. Even a gorgeous full-length cotton silk blended lady’s pajama set is a great option.

Interestingly, viscose is perfect for both summer and winter, as it helps regulate the body’s temperature. Pretty cool, right? Try wearing a viscose nightie to bed and you’ll see for yourself.

Make sure to take care of yourself in the heat. This is only the start!

Come visit us at any one of our beautiful stores, or hop online, to view our full range of materials. Our lovely girls can tell you all you need to knowJ.

Sweet dreams lovelies.

New Season Boxer Shorts

Spring has well and truly sprung. The days are getting longer and warmer, and the nights are getting hotter. Luckily for you, here at Papinelle we have just the thing to cool you down on those long Summer nights.

Our new season boxer shorts are here, and we think they’re our best ever.

Featuring gorgeous feminine prints and coming in the softest viscose and coolest cotton, our boxer shorts will ensure you get a good night’s sleep every night.

For the perfect gift we also have the cutest Boxer Short/Singlet sleepwear gift packs. Featuring our Sophie and Rebecca boxers, these little sets are a wonderful stocking filler for all you organised souls already ticking items off your Christmas list.


Or, if you prefer a more personalised sleepwear experience, you can also match these beautiful boxer shorts back with any of our Cotton Modal Singlets, available in a variety of gorgeous colours. Our lovely staff members will be happy to wrap them for you.

Shop Papinelle’s new season boxer shorts in-store and online right now.

Sparkly Summer Slippers

Add a touch of luxury to your summer sleepwear collection with a pair of Papinelle’s gorgeous summer slippers. Designed by the lovely folk at the UK-based Ruby and Ed, Papinelle are Australia’s only stockists of these fabulous sleepwear accessories.

This season we have two equally beautiful styles, the elegant Sequin Mule and the fabulously sparkly Shimmer Bow Mule.


Featuring a stunning textured floral pattern, the Sequin Mule is sure to add a touch of elegance to your mornings. Coming in a neutral cream colour the Sequin Mule is the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of our summer sleepwear. Pair this slipper with our Arabella Maxi Nightie for maximum sleepwear style.

The Shimmer Bow Mule is for those days when you need a little something extra. Featuring a textured silver shimmer fabric, these slippers are for girls who are anything but basic. Pair them with our Swiss Dot Cotton Nightie or Swiss Dot Maxi Nightdress.

Pretty in pink

Every girl needs a little pink in her life (even if she won’t admit it).

I personally shied away from this colour until I recognised and invited its invigorating capabilities.

Against popular belief, pink is not the colour of weakness, but rather a representation of strength and understated empowerment. Pink is the colour of confidence, happiness, and contentment.


It’s been said many a time before that what we wear and how we wear it can truly transform how we feel about ourselves and our surroundings. This relates to our public and private presentation of ourselves. An example; what we wear to sleep challenges how we feel about ourselves the next day… if we feel our best in our PJs, we’ll most likely have our confidence boosted. Pretty cool.

If pink ignites all these positive innuendos, why not invite it into your wardrobe as much as possible?

This season we have incorporated a variety of pinks and pink hues into our lady’s pyjamas, focusing on empowering women while ensuring a feeling of self-assurance. We invite you to incorporate this colour in any way you feel comfortable; whether it be with a soft pair of socks, slippers, a PJ with a light incorporation of the colour, or a print that pays full homage to this powerful colour.

Invest in your sleepwear in a bid to invest in yourself. It’s worth it, trust us.

Sweet dreams lovelies! xx