Something for the kids

Take your little one on a journey that only dreams are made of. Treat them to whimsical adventures, enviable activities, and exciting viewings.

Our SS18 petite collection draws inspiration from some of the most sought after doings in a child’s mind, whether it be rummaging through the wild or dancing on a world stage.


Allow dreams to come true with a good night’s sleep and a perfect pair of PJs. They’ll be swooning over the soft fabrics as much as the perfectly fun prints.

Our girls’ collection boasts a mix of super luxe cotton silk blends, cottons, and natural viscoses. Our boys’ collection flaunts the softest cotton blends. Sounds pretty fab.

Get family photo ready in matching PJs. A variety of our feminine prints match perfectly to that of mum’s PJs this season. There’s the option of matching mum and her mini me in cherry blossom, Ellie, Rebecca Rose, and Cate. GORGEOUS. There’s even a chance to match mum and her little man. Some ideas; put mum in bouquet and her little man in a toucan boxer and singlet set. SUAVE.

This season has an assortment of great PJs, and PJ accessories. Have a bit of fun with kids and lady’s pyjamas this season.

Sweet dreams lovelies.



The tomboy staple you didn’t know you needed

The tomboy staple you didn’t know you wanted, but now have to have.


With comfort and ease over taking pretty much everything else in the fashion world, the “borrowed this from my boyfriend” look has never been so desirable.

The boyfriend shirt is proving to be an easy favourite for women. This sartorially pleasing take on a classic piece of menswear adds a little bit of power to a perfectly crafted ensemble, while the loose cut aesthetics give off a casual, nonchalant cool girl vibe. Suave.



The boyfriend shirt’s effortless, undone vibe makes it a timeless piece, one that will constantly grab the attention of the fashion forward community’s attention. This is the perfect mix of cool, comfy, and a little bit sexy. An “I just threw this on” power piece.


Wear informally around the house as a casual chic throw-on with your favourite slippers, pair with a perfectly matched boyfriend jean, or jazz it up with your favourite heals. Perfection.


Elle Japan

Here at Papinelle we’re loving this look to the point that we’ve designed our own version of this easy trans-seasonal piece. Designed as the perfect ladies’ pyjama, our super chilled basic stripe boyfriend shirt boasts an easy transition from ladies’ sleepwear to cool girl streetwear.

Invite this timeless and versatile piece into your wardrobe for the perfect and super easy summer look. Come visit us in any one of our Papinelle stores to shop this risky business look.

Sweet dreams lovelies xx


















The science of yawning

It has been proven that yawning falls outside of conscious control, hence it is one of our most primitive functions. Yawning is one of the very first things we are capable of doing (beyond birth).

About 50% of people who witness someone else yawn will find themselves yawning almost straight away. Anything remotely related to yawning; seeing, hearing, reading about it can set you off.

It has been theorized that the reason behind this contagious behaviour is to ensure everyone in one space is on the same body clock timing, meaning they’ll all feel the need to sleep at the same time. This means more structure is created in the day.

Yawning can also help make everyone alert and rebooted. So, one could say those yawns around the office are actually beneficial to the efficiency of the day…

I think it’s safe to say that it’s more than ok to embrace those long rejuvenating yawns. Although they may help in rejuvenating us, sometimes it’s good to listen to our bodies and catch some zzzzzs. Sometimes all you need is a perfect pair of pyjamas, snuggly socks, and a good night’s sleep.

Come visit us at any of our beautiful Papinelle stores to pick up the perfect pjs to cure those long yawning patterns.

Light and bright

Every girl needs a little bit of brightness in her sleep wardrobe. Add a perfectly light material, and voila, perfection!!

We’re obsessing over our vibrant bouquet range, boasting loud and proud colour hues that manage to maintain an element of subtlety and style.


The cheerful print is destined to bring out your most beautiful golden summer glow. How much happier could a girl be?

Ladies’ sleepwear has never been so exciting and cheerful!!!


What we love most about the vast array of colours in this print is the easy mixing and matching encouraged when styling the boxer shorts and ladies’ pyjama pants. The world is your oyster when it comes to colour choice and playfulness.

Check out this range in store, or online now.

Sweet dreams lovelies x

The hotel life


Imagine oceanfront views met with the sound of soft crashing waves, tasty treats, a hot steamy bath filled with the most beautiful and soothing bathing products, and lazing in your perfectly balanced crisp yet soft hotel robe during the most desired “towel time”.


Bring the lavish hotel experience home in our Egyptian cotton waffle robe. Inspired by the enviable spa experience, this robe promises to enthuse feelings of luxury, and dreamy relaxation.



Available in soft grey, white, and pink, our textured waffle robe’s sumptuous aesthetics and light touch will have you transported to your most desired escape destination. Watch life’s worries swash away from your oceanfront view.

Boasting a ¾ sleeve, two large side pockets, full-length, and an easy-to-use waist tie, this robe will be your most favored throw-on.



Take things to the next level with a soothing hot bath, filled with bathing products boasting the most gorgeous and calming scents. We can’t get enough of our tub tea (See our blog on sleep therapy).



Make this dreamy and picturesque experience your reality. Visit us at any one of our stores for more on this sumptuous robe.

Sweet dreams lovelies.

lavish oceanfront sumptuous


Slip into a little luxury.

UntitledIt’s time to treat yourself to the luxe life in our lustrous pure silk slip.

Allow your femininity to shine in this soft nightie, boasting brushed fabrication and sleek aesthetics.

Available in three soothing colours; ice pink, ice grey, and charcoal; this slip promotes the sweetest of dreams.

Allow yourself to be transformed into a life of luxury while casually lounging. Imagine yourself sipping on cold champagne, nibbling on the most delicious chocolate covered strawberries, and enjoying your bouncy freshly blow-dried hair (while you’re at it, you might want to throw in freshly painted nails, and a heavenly massage).

This is tasteful sophistication at it’s finest.

Make this your reality by visiting us at any one of our beautiful stores, or visit our online store. Be sure to ask to see our pure silk women’s PJs, silk robes, and frilled silk nighties.

Sweet dreams lovelies.

Sleeping beauty


Exhale and unwind with Papinelle’s newest and purest cosmetics addition.

Gift yourself the gift of balance and relaxation with calming scents of lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, and more. Fittingly named “sleep therapy”, this range promises to guide you into a space of therapeutic bliss.

The inspiration behind this collection; you. Our goal is to keep every woman feeling fresh, radiant, and balanced; even through life’s stresses.

Each product has been designed with love and care, with no detail missed. The scents and ingredients have all been carefully picked to enhance clarity, and to create a natural glow from within.

Roll away the fuss of the day with our sleep therapy pulse point. Apply during the day or before bed to relieve yourself of unnecessary stress.

Treat yourself to a relaxing bath with our naturally blended tub tea (See our blog on the science of bathing for a list of benefits of a steamy soak). Unwind and enjoy the purity of each scent, allowing their natural stress relievers to work their magic.

Invite balance into your day with a small spritz of our sleep therapy sleep mist. Spray on your bed or pillow to invite the sweetest of dreams.

Clear your mind with our sleep mist and eye pillow pack. Give a little spray, put on your soft eye pillow, and let your worries drift away into the night.

We want every woman to feel beautiful. She should feel a little bit like sleeping beauty during her most treasured hours of relaxation.

The whole range is now available online and in-store. If you are gifting someone else the gift of serenity, be sure to ask us to gift wrap (also available online on request).

We hope you all experience a little bit of sleep therapy each night. We’d love to help in the process of guiding you towards a place of inner peace.

Sweet dreams lovelies. xx